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Death Derby
Death Derby

Death Derby

A Post-apocalyptic Card Game
30m - 1h
Win the race. Kill your opponent. Whatever works. The year is 2200 and survivors of man-made and natural disasters struggle to live in a world poisoned and devastated beyond recognition. The new extreme sport and source of income for many are Death Derby races in which competitors vie to win or j...

  • 2 players, Eng - Modified Bike Deck
  • 3 players, Eng - Modified Bike Deck
  • 4 players, Eng - Modified Bike Deck
  • 2 players, Eng - Core Deck
  • 3 players, Eng - Core Deck
  • 4 players, Eng - Core Deck
  • 5 players, Eng - Core Deck
  • 6 players, Eng - Core Deck
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