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Pricing and Benefits

Direct Access Benefits
  • Get full access to 270+ board games. Please allow up to 24 hours to receive the invitation code.
  • Share games with your friends, even if they are not registered with Tabletopia. Only one account is needed for your whole gaming group.
  • Create your own games on Tabletopia. No programming skills required!
  • Enjoy great discounts on premium accounts. Save up to 44% compared to monthly price after release.
  • Note that your premium account will only start counting down when Open Beta launches in Fall 2016. Until then, full access to Tabletopia will be free of charge for you!
Pricing and Accounts
Tabletopia will be free-to-play after release with our Bronze account. Or you can choose to purchase one of our premium accounts for more awesome benefits and features:
  • Silver ($4.99/month): access to premium games and expansions, more games played simultaneously
  • Gold ($9.99/month): private game rooms, ability to invite guests to premium games

See below for more details on various Tabletopia accounts to be introduced after release.


Please note that pledges (and accounts) for game creators and players are separate: one does not automatically include features from the other. You will need to make two pledges to enjoy both creator and player accounts.

Visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about Virtual Gaming, Testing rooms, Hot Seat mode, and other Tabletopia features.

Platform for Board Games

Imagine a multi-platform digital environment with instant access to hundreds of licensed board games… Welcome to Tabletopia!

  • Cutting-edge digital arena for playing tabletop games. Easily accessible from PC, Mac OS X, coming soon to iOS and Android devices.
  • Thousands of tabletop enthusiasts, public and private game tables, ratings and reputation rankings, matchmaking system, etc.
  • Unique editor for building new games from scratch and bringing analog games to the screen. No programming skills required!
  • Specialized tools for playtesting, demonstrating, promoting, and monetizing your games.

Take a Look

About Tabletopia

Tabletopia is a digital sandbox system for playing board games. With no AI to enforce the rules, Tabletopia gives you the freedom to play however you like and use any house rules you prefer. Just read the rulebook, choose a seat at the virtual table and let the game begin!

The following features will make your experience with Tabletopia even slicker:

  • automated game setup, shuffling and dealing of cards
  • custom camera controls
  • tracking player turns and game phases
  • interactive zones with predefined automatic actions
  • intelligent counters for tracking victory points
  • custom table surfaces, advanced sound effects, and much more!

Watch and Play Live Demos

You will need to download and install the Unity plug-in for your browser

Terra Mystica
"Tabletopia is looking very promising, shaping up as the smoothest-looking and smoothest-playing
digital board game platform available."
Game Salute
Board game publisher
"Tabletopia is helping backers decide where to spend their money cause there are so many game projects on the Kickstarter right now."
Jamey Stegmeier - Stonemaier Games
Board game publisher
"Tabletopia is amazing. I have seen Vassel engine, Octagon, Tabletop Simulator that’s on Steam, this by far has blown me away."
Scott Morris - Crits Happen - Arcane Wonders
Board game publisher and reviewer
"Obviously printing games is very expensive, but putting them on Tabletopia is not."
Ryan Laukat - Red Raven Games
Board game publisher
"Easy to setup and really intuitive to use by players. I believe that in a couple of years Tabletopia will be an indispensable tool for every boardgame designer."
Vital Lacerda
Board game designer
"Really impressive… a potential game-changer!"
Board game reviewer
Flying games

Tabletopia For Players

Many big publishers have already joined Tabletopia.
From day one you and your friends will have access to hundreds—soon to be thousands!—of popular board games, including both designer classics and recent hits.


Tabletopia for Publishers
and Authors

Tabletopia is an easy and intuitive solution for designing, implementing, and monetizing games for both renowned publishers and aspiring designers.

With our accessible editor and extensive library of objects and sounds, you can have a virtual copy of your game within hours without needing any programming knowledge.
Then, you can start playtesting and gathering feedback, demonstrating, promoting your game to your audience or receiving revenue (see License agreement for details).


Team Behind Tabletopia

Tabletopia was created in early 2014, when Tim Bokarev invited his friends and partners Artem Zinoviev and Dmitry Sergeev to take part in creating a digital platform for board games.

These co-founders already had vast experience in the video and board games industry. Their other projects include Promo Interactive, an internet advertising agency, Playtox, a popular mobile MMORPG, Igrology, a game studio, and Tesera.ru, the main Russian-speaking board gaming portal.

By Spring 2014, Artem, Dmitry and Tim created Tabletopia Inc. USA and started development. The main team is located in Novosibirsk, Russia, while the multinational crew behind Tabletopia also includes professionals from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA, UK, and Germany.


Tabletopia Timeline

Only major features included (find more about 100+ improvements in our blog)
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