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22 Apr 2023

Send 12 patrols to secure the borders of 9 regions, but place them very carefully!

Announcing 12 Patrols

12 Patrols is a solo, mostly abstract strategy game played with 9 cards, 9 D6 dice, and 9 cubes.



Play as the Constable of the kingdom. Send out 12 patrols of knights and footmen to protect all 9 regions. Win by placing all 12 patrols satisfactorily.


A win! All 12 patrols successfully placed.


12 Patrols won 2nd place for best overall game in the 2019 9 Card Design Contest, and is part of the second wave of AV Studio Games's "Nano9games"!


12 Patrols on Tabletopia


Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Play it now on Tabletopia!


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