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20 Nov 2017

Be Strong and Get the Job Done

Announcing Orconomics - our 500th game

Since the day of release, our game library expanded with more and more titles every month. And now we passed another big milestone. We now have 500 games available. To celebrate this, we want to present you an english release of Orconomics, a game of striving businesses, shrewdness and acumen. 




2-4 Players; 45-60 Minutes

Hey Orc! Are you sad that the days of heroes are in the past? Do you feel upset that brave warriors such as yourself have no chance to use their fury and courage? If so, we have just the thing for you! Dive into the world of business, a vortex of competition, a fight to be the best. Build up your companies with your strong green hands and bargain to the bitter end with your rivals. Legends will be told of your glorious business ventures!

In Orconomics, competing against each other to establish companies in ten industrial sectors. Companies in each industrial sector generate income or losses, and grant players abilities that can be used during
the game. As players build their business empire, they will also gain or lose Trophies depending on their presence and domination in different industrial sectors.

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