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06 May 2020

The World of Ambal Awaits You

Announcing Ambal Tournament

Welcome to the Ambal Tournament! Participants from the spiritual land of Ambal gather in this friendly competition, promoting the development of knowledge and combat techniques. If the past taught anything to the human capitals, was that they should be prepared to defend themselves from the powerful spirits living in this world. Master the great Schools of Knowledge and their unique powers, competing in diverse and exciting duels to earn a spot amongst the elite group of fighters ready to defend Ambal.

Ambal Tournament is a Card Game with simultaneous rounds, meaning each player puts their skills face down and reveals them at the same time. Deck construction and deck building allows deep customization using up to two Schools of Knowledge, each representing an area of knowledge with their own set of cards and style of play.

Ambal Tournament | Foundation is the first set released, containing 100 cards. Duels can be 1vs1 or 2vs2 and each card is a skill, varying from Actions (physically inclined), Spells (magically inclined) or Abilities.

Ambal Tournament is now on Kickstarter, but give it a spin for yourself on Tabletopia right now!


Ambal Tournament

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