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27 Feb 2023

A new edition of the pulp-horror board game for 1-4 players

Announcing Ancient Terrible Things: Reawakened

Ancient Terrible Things: Reawakened is a pulp-horror tabletop game for 1-4 players. You play the role of an intrepid and foolish adventurer exploring a dark jungle river for Secrets.



Each turn you must travel to a Fateful Location and face an Ominous Encounter. If you overcome the Encounter (using a combination of dice, tokens and cards) you gain Secrets. The object of the game is to be the player with the most Secrets when the game ends at the Inexplicable Event.



Ancient Terrible Things: Reawakened is the third implementation of the Dicequest game system as previously used in Ancient Terrible Things (1st/2nd Edition) and Konja. The third edition incorporates edited and revised content from all previous iterations and expansions of the game, new renovated art and language-independent graphic design into a single definitive edition of ATT.


Ancient Terrible Things: Reawakened components


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