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09 Oct 2023

Collect paintings and impress your guests!

Announcing Art Society

Art Society is a brand new art collection game with easy to learn rules from an aspiring designer Mitch Wallace (II). The game is coming to retail in November, but you can play it on Tablatopia already now!


In the game, you are an art connoisseur trying to impress your peers by putting together the most fashionable art collection of them all!
Bid on the hottest works of art, then arrange them on your drawing room wall into a tastefully curated gallery that’s the envy of the local art scene.

But beware! Fashion is fleeting, and trends are difficult to predict. The paintings that you and your fellow collectors do not buy will eventually make their way to the museum, changing the worth of your collection.

In the end, whose wall will be the talk of town?

Play it now on Tabletopia!

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