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20 Mar 2022

Map the sky & reach the Moon

Announcing AstroNavigators

AstroNavigators is a board game simulating the celestial mechanics within a space race-themed worker placement game.



During the first (astronomer) part of the game, players will be travelling across the Earth in order to complete celestial observations. This way, navigation knowledge (NK) is gathered for the space race endgame. The second (astronaut) part will use knowledge points to tackle technical and navigational obstacles. By efficiently using the on-board lunar telescope, sextant and gyroscope, players will push their luck with their newly acquired and cunning abilities. As an astronomer, players will explore different cultural settings and discover anthropological links with astronomy.


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You need to anticipate the moves of other players and take the necessary, yet minimal, risk at the right time. The first able to master all the spaceflight techniques to the Moon and back is likely to become the winner of the game!




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