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14 Oct 2020

AwSHUX Begins This Weekend 🍐

The Shut Up & Sit Down crew's con is free for all!

AwwwwwwSHUX! Fancy seeing you here!

The lovely folks at Shut Up & Sit Down have moved their 2020 SHUX convention online, and it begins this weekend! The best bit is? It's completely free - no sign ups, no registrations, just some hot new games, demos, playthroughs, and good times for all (I even hear there may or may not be some free Tabletopia Gold Premium floating around for attendees)!



All you need to do is visit https://awshux.show and... you're in! You may want to create a Discord account (free) to do demos at exhibitor booths or hang out with other attendees. A Twitch account (also free) will come in handy if you want to interact/comment on Twitch streams over the weekend but you do not need one to watch the stream.

Your favourite publishers and designers will be on standby specifically, especially just for you* ready to show you their hot new releases a week ahead of SPIEL.digital. The lineup of streams from the SHUX team is also jam-packed - join them on their Twitch channel at any point during the weekend!

*not just for you




After this, we can all go back to being worms.


Join in the good times!



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