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06 Nov 2016

Beer Impire Strikes Back

Design recipies and expand your beer empire

Oktoberfest may be over, but there's always time for some good beer! Beer Empire is a new board game by Board&Dice about brewing the amber beverage while expanding your brewery and preparing for a festival.

The game is now live on Kickstarter and is avaialble to play online for free on Tabletopia.


Beer Empire

2–4 Players; 60–120 Min; Game on BGG



Beer Empire is a competition board game mainly based on a set-collection mechanism.

As the owner of a brewery you will design your recipes by skillfully matching recipe ingredients, like light and dark malts, hops, etc., gain and use resources in order to brew the best beer of the festival.

It’s time to open your own brewery and develop some unique recipes!


"Beer Empire is, like a good beer, simultaneously complex and straightforward. It’s a great mix of worker placement, strategy and interdependency." Polyhedron Collider 

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