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16 May 2021

Make the most of the tulip market bubble!

Announcing Blooming Industry

The tulip industry is booming and it’s time to strike when the iron is hot!


2-6 players
30-60 minutes
Tile placement, pattern building, Tulipmania!


In Blooming Industry, your goal is to harvest, transport, and sell tulips from your farms to the market. You have to sell them quickly though. Tulip prices decrease as tulips of the same color are sold, so the quicker you can sell your tulips, the better!




You will perform actions in the following three phases:

Cultivate - Grab a field tile from the reserve, and replace it with the top one from the stack, or grab one from the top of the stack.
Stockpile - Take two tiles from the top of the stack and keep them until the end of the game. Then skip to phase three.

Seed - Place a field tile in connection,
by a canal and/or field color, with another.
Reseed - Stack a field tile on another field tile, but you may not sever any canal connections that the tile underneath had.

Harvest - Grab your farmer from your supply, or a different tile, and place them on any available farms. You may then place a matching tulip on any tile in this farm, that does not yet have a tulip on it.
Build - Grab your farmer from your supply, or a different tile, and place it on an available windmill tile.
Transport – Move up to three boats one tile per boat.




Compete to farm, ship, & sell tulips at the highest price in this 2-6 player tile-laying, strategy board game!


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