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03 Jun 2023

Unveiling: Tabletopia's Board Game Museum

A curated (and growing) collection of classics!

Step into our Board Game Museum and you'll discover a treasure trove of vintage games from across the globe. We proudly house timeless classics such as Chess, Backgammon, and Go, alongside an assortment of out-of-print modern games that have become increasingly rare to find.

Not only can you admire these games, but you can also play them! It's a great way to connect with others and experience the joy of the games that got us where we are today.


Board Game Museum on Tabletopia


With the public unveiling of the Board Game Museum, we're starting by bringing Hans im Glück's Goa: A New Expedition to the platform! Long out-of-print, this classic from Rüdiger Dorn (Istanbul, Karuba) is preserved digitally and yours to play from your home.



We are always looking to expand our collection, so if you're a publisher and have any old tabletop games you would like to donate, we would be thrilled to accept them. Your contribution will help us continue to preserve these games for future generations to enjoy. Contact us :)


Step into our Board Game Museum!

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