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06 Apr 2023

What classics do you want to play on Tabletopia?

Answer some questions to shape our Board Game Museum

Are you a fan of classic board games, but find it difficult to get your hands on them? Have you ever wanted to see rare and out-of-print games from gaming history, but can't visit a physical museum? Then Tabletopia has some exciting news for you!

We're thrilled to announce our upcoming project, the Board Game Museum. This digital museum will showcase the biggest and greatest retro games and out-of-print classics in gaming history, all in one convenient location. These classic games will be available for a new digital audience through our best-in-class Unity 3D, in-the-browser application.

We want to make sure the Board Game Museum features the games that you, the players, want to see. That's why we're asking for your input! We've created a short survey with just four questions to help us determine what you'd like to see in this project!

So whether you're a die-hard board game enthusiast or just curious about gaming history, we want to hear from you! Take the survey and share it with your friends and fellow gamers to help us create the ultimate digital archive.


Board Game Museum possibilitiesWe want to hear what you want to see!


To give you an idea of the games our users have suggested, we received a wide range of responses to our end-of-year survey. Some of the most popular classic games mentioned include Grand Austria Hotel, Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game, Glory to Rome, Stone Garden, Hive, Monopoly, Guild Ball, and Magic Realm. We also received requests for older and harder-to-find games such as Dozo, Snapshot, and Stellar Conquest.

Thank you for your participation, and we can't wait to share the Board Game Museum with you soon! Stay tuned for updates on our release date and more information about the exciting games that will be featured in the museum.


Take the survey!

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