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04 Nov 2022

Build the Austrian Alps or stockpile food as a bunny!

Announcing 2 small-box games: Burrowdale & Zillertal

Two beautiful new small-box games for all ages from Walnut Games!



In Burrowdale you are a family of rabbits battling to store enough food for the coming winter. Build and change routes between the fourteen burrows, trade carrots, radishes and other goods and move your rabbit workers to where the best resources and locations are, to gain the most points to make sure your burrow comes out on top.



In Zillertal, you are a mountain photographer aiming to win contracts while travelling the beautiful villages of the Austrian Alps. Add to the ever-changing alpine landscape and complete tasks and contracts based on what can be seen on the landscape.


 Zillertal on Tabletopia


Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Play Burrowdale now on Tabletopia!

Play Zillertal now on Tabletopia!


Burrowdale Tabletopia banner

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