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16 Sep 2022

A Mancala-based card game set in a Nigerian university

Announcing Campus Wahala

The strike has just been called off. Staff and students are returning to the University campus. As a student, it's time to secure the highest books you can. Beware of everyone. It's campus wahala!



Campus Wahala is a Mancala-based card game set in a Nigerian university. Cards either show books (with different values) or characters (each with a unique skill). On their turn, players draw 5 cards from a stack and, starting with their own "locker" (tableau), place one card in each of the next four lockers (clockwise).



However, the character cards interfere with this order, they can be used to jump lockers, nullify or steal other players' books, etc. When a locker contains 5 cards, it is emptied. Books go to a personal score pile, character cards are discarded. When the pile is used up, whoever has the most valuable books is the winner.


Campus Wahala Overview


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