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05 Sep 2023

Tell stories, sing ballads to win hearts and purses!

Announcing Card Bard

There are many duel card games about wizards and warriors but only a few ones about no less respected fantasy characters - bards! Card Bard which is now on Kickstarter is fixing this by letting you take the role of the magical traveling storyteller of old.

A player’s deck represents their repertoire of ballads, stories, techniques, tricks, magical items, fantastical lore, and enchanting melodies that you will use to battle your opponent to win the hearts – and purses – of the folk of the land.

While Card Bard can be played with the pre-constructed decks, much of the depth comes when players construct original decks. During the game, players use their cards to perform Songs and collect Fame. The game ends when a player accumulates 15 Fame and has no currently active Songs. That player wins the game.

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