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30 May 2021

For Fighting Fantasy lovers!

Announcing Card Tactics

Card Tactics is a pocket-sized tactical combat solo card game taking place in a gritty fantasy setting inspired by Tabletop RPGs, Fighting Fantasy books and unforgiving video games.


1 player
30-60 minutes
Solo gaming, campaign-driven, pocket-sized!


  • Choose between six unique heroes;
  • Battle 18 distinctly terrifying foes (4 in this demo);
  • Gear up and strategize against all odds
  • For 1 player¹. The Deck AI² plays by itself!



Card Tactics is (supposed to be) a challenging game. Not only your will team of heroes and items enable different strategies, but events will also “mess up” the course of the adventure. Learning the enemy’s skills and patterns is the key to success - and that takes some time. Experience, strategy and the ability to anticipate the enemy’s actions will exponentially raise the chances of victory.




Your objective is to win five increasingly difficult combats using chosen heroes. Items and events will add options and unexpected challenges. The game ends if at any point all heroes reach zero health.


Play it now on Tabletopia!



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