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16 Jul 2018

Build Your Mindset

Announcing Cerebria: The Card Game

Our Emotions are born as a reaction to the impulses of the outside world. The same impulse may have a different impact on each individual, but it is only up to you which Emotions will dominate your Mindset. Will you be a sullen and moody person, or a cheerful, carefree one? Maybe a healthy combination of the two? Find out in Cerebria: The Card Game - a new hand management game by Mindclash Games.


CerebriaCerebria: The Card Game 

2-5 players; 15-30 Minutes

Cerebria, the Card Game focuses on occasions when the landscape of your mind interacts with the world and other people. In this turn based card game the players build their Mindsets, filling it up with Bliss or Gloom Emotions. The outside world is represented by the Impulse, a dynamically changing pool of available Emotion cards. Whenever the Impulse is emptied of Emotions, each player’s Mindset is scored, granting Bliss or Gloom Identity Fragments. The goal of the game is to collect enough Fragments to fully develop the Identity.

The original Cerebria: The Inside World also has been updated with new setups, so check out this new version of card game's more complex counterpart!

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