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11 Jul 2022

Build a Temple to gain rewards from the Chola King

Announcing Cholas

In Cholas, you are a sculptor who must prove to be the best.

After his recent victory in the war against the Pandyas, their arch-rival, the Chola King decides to build a temple tower as a mark of his victory. The King, whose dynasty built thousands of temples in South India, invites sculptors from across his empire to help build the temple tower. Each sculptor is expected to bring stones from their region to build the temple together with other sculptors. The sculptors are expected to use all stones available to build. The King also sets the reward objectives for every stone and sculpture placed on the temple tower.




The sculptor can gain rewards incrementally when placing stones of other sculptors on the temple structure. When placing their own stones, the sculptor does get any reward points. But the sculptor does get points for pattern(s) created on the temple structure using their stone. Hence the objective for the sculptors would be to focus on building the temple structure with as many stones as possible and creating patterns using their stones. It is important for the sculptor to ensure patterns are not created with stones of other sculptors.

The game ends when the temple tower is completely built with stones and sculptures or when a sculptor is unable to perform any of the possible actions. The sculptor with most reward points is declared as the winner or the best.




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