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17 Jun 2015

Closed beta is rolling out now!

Welcome in the Closed Beta!

Welcome in the new stage Tabletopia’s - Closed Beta! Aim of this stage is invite game designers and game publishers and gather feedback about game creation process in Tabletopia.

As a beta test participant, you'll have the chance to check out all current features in Tabletopia and at the same time, you'll be helping us test the stability and usability of the service and finetune it prior to launch. Feel free to create any kind of game and share your experience with us. We are looking forward to see your comments and develop your ideas.

You will be able to create most game objects supported in the system to design any game which could be played privately or with Tabletopia's beta community and with wider audience later, after Tabletopia's release.


Getting started

If you are a game designer we are recommend you to check Workshop tutorials availiable here, but before that we are strongly advise you to check already published games in the system and read player's guide.



Any questions? Check out the FAQ.


Sending Us Feedback

We encourage you to share your feedback by posting on our Tabletopia Forum.



If you experience any difficulties running the Tabletopia, please contact technical support either by posting on the appropriate forum or send us an email to support@tabletopia.com.


We hope you will enjoy Tabletopia!

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