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06 Jul 2015

Beta testing update

Custom dice, new games and more…

Greetings everyone!


We would like to thank everyone who have joined our beta and using it to create and play games.


We are constantly working to improve Tabletopia by adding new useful features. This week’s update brings to you a new option to create custom six-sided dice for your games. This option is available in the standard ‘Create object’ menu in the Objects catalogue. You will just need to prepare the graphics in a special format, and upload it into the system.


Custom D6 dice



On the picture above you can see the sample default custom die, which texture can be downloaded, modified and used in your game. We have the article in our Knowledge Base which may be useful if you want to try creating your own dice.


Hey, wait! Our designer got so excited about this new feature that he has also prepared a set of nice custom dice you can use in your games. Dice with differently colored facets can be easily used to determine the first player in many games. Here, take a look!




They are already available in the Featured section by the following link. Enjoy!


We are so intrigued about what custom dice you are going to create. Please, do not hesitate to use a custom die in your game if you need any. Every dice game will benefit from using custom dice instead of boring standard ones.


Future plans

If we take a look in a further upcoming updates, there are plans to allow authors to restrict some available actions in game setups. So a new player of your game won’t be confused with all possible interface actions. He will only see those actions which are really used in your game.


Many authors have asked about the interface to add several multiple objects at once. This feature is in the high priority list. It will be implemented in one of the future releases. At the moment you may use a duplication instead. Duplication effectively allows to copy your object including all images and fields. You just need to modify fields which are needed to be changed. You can save a lot of time duplicating the objects which have much in common.


Please, feel free to use our forums to ask your questions and give us a feedback. It is very helpful  for us. We are trying to take into account all the ideas and wishes you have.


Games created by our beta authors

We are glad that some of our beta authors have already completed their first games — like  Swords and Bagpipes. It is fully playable! Please, check it yourself if you wish. By the way Swords and Bagpipes is running a successful Kickstarter campaign. You may check it here and make a pledge if you wish to. Our system's live demo is used to promote the game, so the visitors of the Kickstarter page can test the look and feel of the game before they pledge. It is useful and interesting feature which may attract more backers. Keep it in mind if you are going to start your own crowdfunding campaign in the future.




And once more: feel free to ask any questions to our support if you have any difficulties in creating your game. We can also give an advice of how your game may be enhanced using some advanced Tabletopia’s functions. We are eager to get your impressions and questions!

Tabletopia’s Team.

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