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20 Jul 2018

High Octane Zero Gravity Sport

Announcing Coreball

Dive into the world of dangerous sport that is played by the Corvo, one of the main species of Faith. CoreBall - an upcoming game by Burning Games, takes the “flyers”, the players of the game, orbiting around satellites in a fight for the control of the ball and the game flow.



2-4 players; 60-120 Minutes

CoreBall matches last four rounds, and at the end the player with more Victory Points wins. There is only one way to score, and that is by maintaining possession of the ball, but there are many ways to lose points, such as being pushed out of the field, wounded or even killed!

Will you go for the ball or will you punish your opponent for doing so? Maybe a bit of both? Find the team that better matches your playstyle and discover a host of different tactics and strategies to raise victorious!

Coreball is currently in development and you can participate in playtests of the game before the Kickstarter launch later this year. Check out the game's official website to sign up.

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