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01 Mar 2022

Make the breaks, force the errors, take your chances!

Announcing Crash Tackle: The Rugby Boardgame

Crash Tackle is the rugby board game that combines all the action and strategy of real international rugby union into a challenging and realistic sports game simulation. Crash Tackle lets you take control of the toughest teams in the world and feel what it's like to be the best!




Each team's 15 players are divided into 4 basic groups (Forwards, Backs, Wings & Fullback) according to their respective skills and abilities. These skills determine how well each player can perform actions like Passing, Kicking and Gathering the ball. On their turn each player can move any or all of their players in any direction a certain distance (governed by their position and relative skill), rolling dice to perform actions such as kicking or passing the ball when necessary.

Also, special 'Pressure Play' cards offer additional moves and actions your players can make in pursuit of victory.




Pound your opponents with fearless forward drives, feed the ball to your ever-elusive backs, chip n' chase, or play it safe and kick for touch. Whatever your rugby tactics or game plan, Crash Tackle lets you decide when to make the breaks, force the errors, and take your chances!




Play it now on Tabletopia!



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