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29 Mar 2023

Harness the dark power of alchemy. Raise the dead and battle to claim the crown.

Announcing Crown of Ash

Crown of Ash is a strategic worker placement and area control game for 1 to 4 players.



The promise of a dreamless sleep was a lie. The Lords awoke after a hundred years of staring into deepest depths of oblivion; every moment wracked by nightmarish dreams. They no longer cared for peace, but now desired power.

The bleak slumber had revealed an ancient secret to them, the arcane knowledge of necromancy. It gave them the ability to build armies from the wastes of their lands. Those fallen in the first war, would rise again and march into a bloody second, a devastating conflict that would determine who, at last, would lay claim to the Crown of Ash.



Players take on the role of vengeful necromancers sending out their loyal minions to do their bidding:

  • Gathering resources to the raise powerful undead armies
  • Building mighty structures offering better resources and earning influence over the land
  • Marching your undead army into battle to take other players' structures and defend your own with all your might


Crown of Ash prototype


Over 4 rounds players will earn influence points based on the structures they control, the player with the most influence at the end of the game will take control of the kingdom and rule for the rest of time.


Crown of Ash on Tabletopia


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