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21 Jun 2023

Free the six mythical creatures in this beautiful solitare game!

Announcing Crystallo

Crystallo is a solo puzzle/abstract card game with a light fantasy theme. Explore the cavern lair of the wicked Black Dragon by placing cards, free six magical creatures by creating crystal sets, and, if you should succeed with that task, trap the dragon in his own cave. Collect treasure along the way, and you may emerge a wealthy champion!



Crystallo is played with a deck of 54 illustrated cards and 18 gems, and runs about 20-30 minutes.



This award-winning game is a multi-award winner from the 2018 BGG Solo PNP Contest: Best Overall Game, Best Puzzle/Abstract, & Best Original Artwork.


Crystallo gameplay


Expansions now on Kickstarter!

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Crystallo Tabletopia banner

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