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10 Mar 2021

Be a good neighbor, and share your roaches! 🐛

Announcing Cuddly Cockroaches

Cuddly Cockroaches is a 2-5 player tabletop card game where players are neighbors in an apartment building with a Cockroach problem. Every turn more cockroaches are added to the game, and players try to eliminate their neighbors by infesting their apartment with roaches. the last apartment standing wins.

In Cuddly Cockroaches, players are neighbors in an apartment building with a Cockroach problem. Every turn starts with more cockroaches getting added to the game. Some cockroaches have special abilities that make them more desirable roommates - but they are also worth more points. The goal is to be the last apartment standing with less than ten roach points.



Infesting is the central mechanic in Cuddly Cockroaches. To infest, players pick a target neighbor, select any number of roaches from their apartment to infest with, and roll a die. To successfully infest, the dice roll has to be higher than the total value of roach points they’re infesting with. If successful, those roaches get sent to the target neighbor’s apartment. Roll equal or lower than the point value of roaches chosen for an infestation, and those roaches stay in the player’s apartment. Either way, the player attempting the infestation gets to draw a supply card.




Infesting challenges players to gauge their odds as they gamble to get rid of roaches. Bet conservatively, and risk the chance of getting fumigated before your neighbors over time. Take too much of a gamble, and risk never getting rid of your roaches. Supply cards can pass roaches from your apartment to your neighbors, add points to your dice roll or actions to your turn, or kill roaches and send them to the basement. But the only way to draw supply cards is by infesting, so players are rewarded for playing aggressively. Players get two actions per turn, any combo of infesting, playing a supply card, and shuffling their hand into the deck, and drawing three. Just like a real-life roach infestation, it’s a losing battle of bugs - but a lucky roll can be a game-changer!

Be a good neighbor, and share your roaches!


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