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22 May 2020

Compete For The Greatest Museum!

Announcing Curators: Collector's Conundrum

In Curators, you take the role as the chief curator of a museum. Your job is to allocate the museum staff efficiently to: Create interesting exhibitions, Fulfill loan contracts and Attract visitors. If you are successful, your museum could win the prestigious title “Most visited museum of the year”!


Your job as Curator is to expand the museum and its collection. With help from your employees you will build new wings and collect objects to put on display in the museum.

The employees are represented by five chips that are used to determine what different actions you may take in the game. Select your action from the face up chips, flip the chip over to show you have used it. This will reveal a different action on the other side which you can use at a later time.

On the other hand, if you ever have two of the same action available on your turn you may choose to double up. This means that on a single turn you can flip two chips and do double the amount of work.

During play you aquire loan contracts for famous objects, like 'the dice tower of a Roman soldier' or 'the skull of the neanderthal man', from other museums. To score the points for these objects you need to complete a tetris like puzzle of color and space matching.

When the game ends only one museum will stand as the victor and take home the 'Museum of the Year Award'.

Pablo from Worldshapers and Ella from Ella Loves Boardgames did a live-playthrough of the game; check it out here!



Hot on the heels of their successful Kickstarter, Curators: Collection Conundrum is now available to play on Tabletopia!


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