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31 Jul 2018

All Fears Will Be Remembered

Announcing The Curse of Misfortune Lane

Every Friday the 13th, an ancient curse unleashes a horrible monster on the helpless citizens of Misfortune Lane. The adults hide indoors clutching lucky trinkets while their weapons gather dust. This year their kids have decided to end this dreadful cycle once and for all, in the story of The Curse of Misfortune Lane - an upcoming deck-building and press your luck game by Howling Hog Games. 

The Curse of Misfortune LaneThe Curse of Misfortune Lane 

2-5 players; 30-45 Minutes

In The Curse of Misfortune Lane one player plays as the monster and all other players team-up as a group of kids. They will explore town in search of weapons and lucky items, all while trying to avoid angry adults and monster traps. During the Night, they will try to break the curse and save everyone! The Monster will litter the town with bad luck and lure other players to locations that contain useless weapons, making sure that the curse over Misfortune Lane will remain unbroken. ​

Try the game out on Tabletopia and support it on Kickstarter!

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