; It's one vs. many as rebels rescue their loved ones from the Oligarch 🏳‍🌈 • Tabletopia
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28 Nov 2020

It's one vs. many as rebels rescue their loved ones from the Oligarch 🏳‍🌈

Announcing Dare To Love

In Dare to Love, one player takes the role of a mighty Oligarch to fight against rebels played by two or three players. The rebels' goal is to rescue their loved ones who are imprisoned in crystal prisons, whereas the oligarch has powerful abilities to annihilate the rebels.



The oligarchs with a powerful deck of 6 cards and 32 life points can easily beat the rebels down one by one, whereas each rebel with a special deck of 8 cards and 8 life points have to work together to defeat the oligarchs.

If the Oligarch prevents the rebels from rescuing the prisoners in time or annihilates all rebels — they win. On the contrary, if the rebel players save all the prisoners in time and defeat the Oligarch, they win!



Dare to Love is a bold game that proudly wears its theme - it was created by Chih-Fan Chen (Flip City) as a response to the Taiwanese government passing legislation to become the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage. You play as an LGBT character setting out to rescue their loved one. Mechanically, the game has been described as "a light version of Gloomhaven"!


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