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29 May 2021

Gather! Battle! Prevail!

Announcing Dwar7s Winter

Dwar7s Winter is a hand-building, resource management game with tower defence elements in the gameplay.

You built and defended your kingdom, and now that winter is here, you need to battle the harsh elements and chillingly scary monsters. Each player wants to achieve more victory points, but the only way to survive the winter is to work together.


1-4 players
45-60 minutes
Hand building, tower defence, dwarven chaos!


Each turn of the game is one week and the gameplay is divided into 4 Phases:

Phase 1: Winter is here!

At the beginning of this phase, monsters try to take over your castle. You first move any existing monsters 1 step closer to your castle, then apply their special abilities, and finally spawn new monsters based on the number of players.




After the monsters, natural disasters hit your town. Reveal a new disaster and resolve it.

Phase 2: Build your hand




Everybody starts the game with the same cards in their hand. During the course of the game you can hire more mercenaries and upgrade your deck. At the beginning of each turn you choose 7 cards from your personal deck to play.

Form your strategy and choose your cards wisely!

Phase 3: Follow the music




Every player has 5 actions points that can be used to perform any combination of the various actions: Play Music, Place/Move Dwarfs, Attack Monster, Resolve Disaster, Hire Mercenaries etc.

Phase 4: Check winning or losing conditions!




If you have X+2 Disasters active (X equals the number of players) or a Monster is in your castle, then you lose the game!

If this is the end of the 7th week and you manage to not lose your Castle or be overwhelmed by disasters, then you survived the Winter... and the first signs of Spring finally appear.


Play it now on Tabletopia!




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