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08 Feb 2022

Flip, roll and write your way to treat as many patients as possible!

Announcing Dice Hospital: ER - Emergency Roll

In Dice Hospital: ER – Emergency Roll everyone tries to treat as many patients in their hospital as possible, filling their wards, admitting extra or critical patients, choosing when and where to station nurses and using screens to isolate patients, and satisfying the demands of the three Specialists.



Each round the active player flips over an ambulance card revealing three actions, and are tied to the dice which are also rolled and allocated underneath their respective colours on the card. Once the active player chooses their action, other players choose any non-selected action and associated die to do their own action. At the end of the round the player to the left of the active player, becomes the new active player.

The game ends when the Ambulance deck is used up. The player with the most points wins.


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Dice Hospital: ER – Emergency Roll is a standalone 'flip, roll and write' game set in the Dice Hospital universe.


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Play it now on Tabletopia!


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