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25 Jul 2023

Duel each other with Biplanes across the sky!

Announcing Dogfight!

Do you like quick duel games? Then our new announcement is just for you - we are expanding PSC Games' famous Blitzkrieg! series with a new installement - Dogfight!: Rule The Skies in 20 Minutes! This time you are two rival aviators of the First World War, duelling each other. To defeat your enemy, you must manoeuvre yourself to be right behind them and shoot at exactly the right moment!


Whereas two previous games in the series, Blitzkrieg! and Caesar! were designed by Paolo Mori, this game is from another Italian designer, Carlo A. Rossi. Each turn, both players choose a tile to play from behind their player screens and simultaneously reveal them. Each player then moves their Biplane the number of spaces equal to the value of the tile played, which may also have "hit" icons. The game features nine Biplanes, and they have different tile distributions. Several scenarios are also included.

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