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18 Jul 2018

Road to Civilization

Announcing Dominations

Take on the role of a prehistoric tribe and transform it into a Nation whose influence will echo through the ages, in Dominations - an upcoming area control tile placement game by Holy Grail Games.



2-4 players; 60-120 Minutes

In Dominations, you will place your triangular Dominos to expand your population and attain the Knowledge that will determine how your society is shaped over time. You can use this Knowledge to build Cities and master Skills; thus creating the legacy for which your Civilization will be remembered. All this will earn you points and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins! Will your Civilization become a wealthy hub of trade and commerce? A cultural and political powerhouse? A haven of science and craftsmanship? The birthplace of a great religion? It's up to you…

The game is already funded on Kickstarter and currently at its final week, so don't miss it out!

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