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25 Aug 2020

Manage your own Dreamliner! ⛴

Announcing Dream Cruise

Manage your own dreamliner! Passengers come aboard to have the holidays of their dreams. Your job as the manager of your own ship is to please their desires. Some want to go on sightseeing, some want to do sports, some want to relax, some are looking for spiritual experience...

To please them all, add perks to your ship, plan activities and look for the right cities to go to. When you make passengers happy, they will reward you with points. And that is the only thing that counts at the end...

Each round starts with choosing a destination where you want to go to with your ship. Then you draft 2 paired cards. These can be perks for your ship or activities. Once you have them, you can build these perks into your ship or use the activity cards to please the desires of your passengers. Once you have pleased all desires of a passenger, that one leaves, giving you points. You replace them with new passengers with different needs. The game ends, when there are no passengers left anymore. Whoever got the most points is the winner.

Originally released in German, the game is completely language-independent, and is 100% playable ahead of its English translation.


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