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11 Jan 2021

White Label Educational and Business Accounts

Tabletopia new features

Last year has been a little crazy for many of us, and throughout the year we have all had to adapt and change the way we educate students and engage employees. Many people in a variety of positions from educators in universities to training facilitators in business have turned to virtual engagement platforms such as Tabletopia to stay on track, and bring gaming into focus within class and meeting rooms.

Tabletop games are a great way to bring people together. They foster direct interactions and provide a compelling learning experience for teachers, students, trainers, and industry leaders. 

Tabletopia is spearheading one aspect of what games can achieve by launching our White Label accounts for Education and Business. These high-level administrative accounts allow you to manage all of your required workshop and player accounts easily, while educators and trainers focus on promoting learning and leadership. 

Games can offer a “world view” of a local occurrence that helps us all learn a little about ourselves and our role within the larger context. This is perhaps the reason that a number of games related to pandemics and viruses have helped us understand the mechanics of what’s going on around us right now. In the board game “Pandemic”, players can take on the role of a researcher, operations exporter, contingency planner, and others (including a Quarantine Specialist). This can be viewed as a quasi-realistic simulation that helps everyone witness a pandemic first hand and attempt to fight it on a global level. 




Currently, Tabletopia has a considerable number of education and business-focused board games within the platform; games such as the teamwork focused Sustain, or management inspired Kanban EV. With our White Label accounts for Education and Business we offer bulk discounts, the tools required to design and build your own custom games and scenarios, priority support and moderation, extended payment methods, robust security, and infinite flexibility under one monthly or yearly subscription. 

White Label Account Features:

  • Full branded account set up with your branding and key user accounts.
  • Virtually unlimited combinations of workshop and player accounts.
  • Games can be private, visible only to your groups.
  • Teachers, Students, and/or moderators/spectators can join from iOS, Android, or Web.
  • Custom website widget module.
  • Premium Support ready when you need it.
  • SSL technology provides an encrypted link between a server and a client ensuring your safety and staff security. Security is our top priority! 
  • We adhere to COPPA, CalOPPA, and CAN-SPAM Act.
  • Bespoke custom login URL for your attendees. 
  • Flexible pricing model with monthly or yearly invoicing.

All of this allows you to focus on teaching and training within a fully interactive virtual environment supported by Tabletopia.



Find out more on our White Label Education or White Label Business accounts and start a conversation with us to see how Tabletopia can help you continue running your teaching and training sessions in a safe virtual environment. 

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