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18 Apr 2024

Pharaoh's Playground: 5 Engrossing Board Games From Ancient Egypt!

Embark on an Epic Journey Through Time on Tabletopia

Explore the ancient mysteries of Egypt with five captivating board games, besides the most famous one, Senet! Now you can immerse yourself in the world of ancient Egyptian games right on Tabletopia!


  • Aseb: One of the oldest types of board games, Aseb is a strategic game involving racing pieces across the board. It's easy to learn but requires deep strategic thinking to win.

  • Hounds and Jackals: Step into the ancient world of Hounds and Jackals, a beloved board game that captivated ancient Egyptians from peasants to Pharaohs. Despite its popularity and numerous archaeological finds, the original rules of the game remain shrouded in mystery, leading enthusiasts to create their own variants.

  • Mehen: Embark on a journey through ancient mythology with Mehen, a game that has evolved over nearly three millennia, offering both simple and complex versions for players to explore. In the simple version, the goal is for each player to safely guide all of their pawns to the snake's head.

  • Seejeh: Immerse yourself in the ancient strategy of Seejeh, where the goal is to eliminate all of your opponent's pieces. Outsmart your rival by strategically placing and maneuvering your pawns on the board, aiming to leave them with only one pawn or secure victory through superior positioning.                     

  • Tâb: One of the most popular games in Ancient Egypt, Tâb is a strategic game where players move their stones across the board, aiming to capture the central position. 

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient times and test your skills in these exciting games right on Tabletopia!


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