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02 Oct 2017

Card Defense of the Nexus

Announcing ELO Darkness - MOBA-inspired board game

Combination of the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) strategy videogame genre with unique and solid card driven mechanics, ELO Darkness stems from the desire to create something new, coming at customizable card games from a completely different perspective.



ELO Darkness

2 Players; 50 Minutes

ELO Darkness is a MOBA-inspired boardgame in which 2 players fight against each other in an epic 3-Lane arena.

Players each have a deck of 40 cards representing a team of five Heroes, each one of these with a specific role on the battle front. Each deck contains heroes special ability cards as well as action cards that display the tactical choices on the Lane. The goal of the game is to reach and destroy the opponent's base on the board. To do this, players line up their cards through a simultaneous action selection mechanism and once they have revealed them, they can trigger abilities and activate heroes. Furthermore, to expand possibilities and strategic options, players deal with Boss-Events during the course of the game and also have the option to farm resources each turn, by discarding cards from their hand, in order to gain Gold (used to buy items) and level up the Heroes.

The game is already funded on Kickstarter, don't miss it out!

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