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07 Dec 2022

Use abstract thinking on straightforward questions to deduce personalities

Announcing Emotional Intelligence

In Emotional Intelligence, personality is broken down into 4 polarities - Energy Expression, Decision Making, Information Intake, and Temperament.

You’re given a unique personality based on these 4 polarities at the beginning of the game - you will play from the perspective of this personality for the duration of the game.



Play as a personality detective to be the first to figure out other players’ personality types. You win points for correctly guessing other people’s personalities, but you also gain points when people correctly guess your personality. It’s a win-win!



The catch: The only clues that you can get from the other players (answers to subjective This or That questions) may only be as helpful as how well you know the person. Is USB Backup or Cloud Backup more logical or more empathetic? Up to you!


Emotional Intelligence cards

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