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04 Oct 2023

Build a kingdom, trade, and face the Vikings!

Announcing Emperor of the Gaels

Emperor of the Gaels is a new hybrid strategy game with the setting in the 11th century Ireland! 

Irish clans and Vikings are competing for power and the island is split up between provincial kings, all of them trying to take the lead by exploring the land and be the first to take control of scarce resources. But no clan is safe from the Vikings who battles and plunder.

As a provincial king you lead your own Irish clan, with the ambition of winning the game. You always have to deal with the circumstances unique for each game play and there are several paths to victory: by kingdom building, conquest or economy.

The game flow follows a seasonal calendar, and through the year you explore new territories, gather resources and construct buildings and ships. You may also move your clan units and start battles.

During the fair military units may be recruited and you may trade resources in a challenging and unique dynamic trade system. The numerous development cards give you a possibility to gain a variety of new skills and enhance your military capabilities during the game.

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