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15 Apr 2022

Gain treasure and survive

Announcing Escape From A Dying Planet

Who knew that landing on a potentially unstable yet exponentially profitable planet would’ve had consequences? Lo and behold, the predictable has happened and the planet has started to collapse. But fear not! The Planetary Development Corporation (PDC) has sent along a life pod with your expedition in case something bad happened. However, they’re not going to just let any old survivor of a cataclysmic event in! You have to prove your value to the PDC, and you do that by bringing back the rarest and most priceless artifacts from your expedition. If you can, it looks like a life of leisure and riches await. If you can’t, then you don’t have to worry about it for very long…




Welcome to Escape from a Dying Planet, a push your luck style card game where you and the other members of your doomed expedition fight to make it to the escape pod, grabbing as much treasure along the way and get off the planet! This game is a 2-8 player card game where players must try to overcome challenges and bid on treasures over the course of 10 turns. Be careful as you can gain contamination which will clog your deck and gain you negative points. Whoever has the highest value of treasures at the end wins!



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