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22 Jul 2018

Just When I Thought I Was Out...

Announcing Escape Plan

After a successful bank heist, everything is going according to plan until the police get a breakthrough in their investigation. Accusations are made, fingers are pointed, your only choice now is to escape the city before it is completely locked down. To leave the city with as much of the money as possible, you need the Escape Plan - unfolding in an upcoming exploration adventure game by Eagle-Gryphon Games. 

Escape PlanEscape Plan 

1-5 players; 60-120 Minutes

In Escape Plan, players move on a modular board trying to reach the best spots to recover their loot and escape from the city with more money than the other thieves. The cops are trying to thwart their escape plan. Players play cards to aid their escape and slow the other players down. The players take actions that allow them to move and to engage gangs, mules, and snitches. As a tactical game with no direct conflict, it contains asymmetric roles set by missions that players may achieve during the game while avoiding the police. The players' roles as thieves are individual with every player for themselves. In the end, only the player who escapes with the most cash wins.

You can try the game out on Tabletopia and support its development on recently launched Kickstarter.

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