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05 Aug 2023

Welcome back to the legendary game with new expansions!

Announcing Everdell: Newleaf and Everdell: Mistwood

The legendary Everdell is back! One of the most popular games on our platform gets two newest expansions: Everdell: Newleaf and Everdell: Mistwood

Deep within the twisting branches of Mistwood, many secrets lie hidden. The Monks of Mistwood have recorded the tales of heroes past and present, including stories of Everdell’s founder, Corrin Evertail, and other legendary figures from the Emerald Valley’s timeline. Through every season, the monks help to watch over and shepherd the fair citizens of the valley.

But deeper within the wood, a mysterious threat has been patiently waiting, making plans and sinister plots…. Will the fair valley survive the webbed takeover of the clever spider Nightweave and her army of spiderlings?

Everdell’s bustling city Newleaf has just opened its first train station, and many new critters and big ideas are rolling in. Newleaf introduces brand new critters, constructions, and exciting events to draw Visitor cards to your blossoming city! It also features the Train Station Board, resource-delivering Train Cars, travel- worthy Tickets, and Reservation Tokens!

Play both Mistwood and Newleaf expansions now on Tabletopia!


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