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17 Dec 2021

Create animals and give them traits essential to surviving.

Announcing Evolution: New World

The diversity of living organisms inhabiting our planet is astonishing. According to the theory of evolution, random mutations occur all the time, granting new traits to animals and plants. These traits are then tested through natural selection. Animals with traits that prove to be beneficial dominate the ecosystem, while poorly adapted animals become extinct.


In Evolution: New World players create animals and give them traits that might help them survive in an ever-changing environment. At the end of the game, victory points are awarded for surviving animals and the traits they possess.



Evolution: New World is an updated and extended version of the classic 2010 Evolution: The Origin of Species game. It includes both well-known animal traits and new ones, complete with refined descriptions and colorful illustrations. Food is now generated using Area cards, and animals can use shelter to hide from predators.



Coming soon to Kickstarter!

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