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11 Oct 2022

Zoom from planet to planet and compete to rule Sol.

Announcing Factions of Sol

In Factions of Sol, humanity launched an early space-age in 1927, spearheaded by Mark Megacore, CEO of MegaCore Inc. In the years following, factions grew their power in various regions of the solar system, establishing a tense but stable status quo–until Mark Megacore announced his retirement. Now, the mega-billionaire’s entire fortune is at stake, and everyone in Sol is racing to earn it. You will take command of one of these 8 factions and do your best to bring them to victory.



But like all things, accomplishing your mission is easier said than done. To impress Megacore, your ship must travel from planet to planet by spending energy onto the board. But moving into a sector costs energy equal to the amount already in the sector, plus one. Because the energy cost is exponential, the board locks down fast. And your ship can only recharge on one planet: Mercury. So while you may need to travel all the way to Neptune, you also need to make sure you can make it back.



The path you choose is up to you – and could lead to unimaginable riches!


Factions of Sol photo by TabletoppingPhoto by Tabletopping


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