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04 Mar 2022

Build the most efficient factory to convert between different resources 🏭

Announcing Factory Funner

In Factory Funner, players are factory managers who select and install machines in their factory. They try to connect all machine input and output pipes to the right reservoirs or to other machines in order to build the most profitable configuration. A new machine brings revenue. Other things you build (reservoirs and connectors (pipelines)) cost 1K money each.



In each game round, players may select one machine (from a number of machines equal to the number of players) simultaneously, which means players try to quickly determine possible connections, then grab the tile they want. But by choosing too quickly, you risk taking a machine that doesn't fit well... When fitting in a machine, a key tactic is to keep the most and best options for connecting future machines!




After eight rounds, the player with the most money wins.

This is a refresh of the cult classic game from Cwali with stunning zany new artwork. The gameplay is the same, but with an added variant for those that want to play a more relaxed style.



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