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05 Mar 2016

Our progress in February

An overview of new features for players and game designers

Dear Friends and Tabletopia users!


We are glad to announce that we are nearing the finish line for our launch on Steam, and you can join our page in the Steam Store! Early Access will have some very important new features like player-matching, etc.
We also now have more than 200 games in our catalog and have run the first prototype of Tabletopia on iPad…


Initially, we had planned to open Early Access at the end of February, but decided to delay it by one month so that we could add some new and very important features, such as invitations and player-matching, in-game rules, etc.


You will be able to use the “Find & Play” section in our platform to find worthy opponents online.


All Tabletopia users will get Early Access on Steam for free. Everybody else who would like to join in will be able to buy access for $9,99 via Steam.

Please watch out for our announcement at the end of this month. We are very excited for the opportunity to give you a new way to play Tabletopia – as a downloadable game which will work alongside the existing browser version.


In February, our game catalog grew to more than 200 games. This is a faster growth than our initial expectations and we continue to add new games each week.


The 200th game is “Cult”, a brand new creation from Russian publisher Igrology.


And last but not least, we informed you one month ago that we have finished the migration to Unity 5. This will enable a WebGL version of our game client (Unity’s alternative to run games over Web) and means that it will work on other browsers such as Chrome, Edge and Opera.

This is not only the only first steps for a WebGL version of our game client, but it is also the fastest way to get Tabletopia on iOS and Android devices. We have already started work in this direction.


First prototype of Tabletopia on IPad.



With best regards,
Tim Bokarev
CEO Tabletopia

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