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16 Dec 2021

Competitive chocolate production! 🍫

Announcing From Beans To Bars

Producing chocolate involves many different stakeholders. As one of them, you have to cooperate with the others to make the value chain profitable. Try to get the largest share of the profit for yourself, but do not be too greedy: If the farmer doesn't grow cocoa, the retailer doesn't have any chocolate to sell.

From Beans To Bars is an educational game exploring the cocoa value chain.

Four market participants play as single links of a chocolate value chain. In turns, they buy and sell a cocoa crop, which may rise or fall in value on its way to the Consumers:

  • The Farmer plants cacao, harvests the beans, ferments and dries them.
  • The Merchant buys the cocoa batch from the farmer and transports it.
  • The Processor buys the cocoa batch and makes chocolate from it.
  • The Retailer buys the chocolate and sells it to the Consumers, who pay a preset price for it.




Everyone tries to earn as much money as possible within 30 minutes. Although the four players of each value chain are in competition, they have to cooperate. If the chain doesn't generate enough money, they will all lose money in the long run.

Each team of four (value chain) tries to earn more money than the other teams. Each single player tries to earn more money than the other three members of the team.


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