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19 Nov 2015

Game Creator Checklist

Check and publish your game!

Dear Tabletopia users,


Once you figure out how to use our system, the game creation process will take you only a few hours. Be assured that we are going to improve this process and make it even more simple and transparent. Many thanks goes to you for your feedback and valuable suggestions


In the meantime, we are sharing with you our Game Creator Checklist. Our team uses this when we create games in Tabletopia. We hope it will also be helpful to you. It will guide you on how to use Tabletopia’s current features.



Tabletopia team


Game Creator Checklist

1. Game information (info link)

1.1 Box (template link, resulted image resized to 410x514 pixels)

1.2 Banner

1.3 Links (optional)

1.4 Rules

1.5 Game name

1.6 Game type

1.7 BGG page link (optional)

1.8 ASIN (optional)

1.9 Age

1.10 Playing time

1.11 Tags

1.12 Description and tips how to play the game in Tabletopia

1.13 Credits (optional)

1.14 Game gallery (optional)

1.15 Forum topic (optional)

1.16 Game access level.


2. Objects (info link)

2.1 Object types are chosen correctly

2.2 Graphics for objects (info link)

2.2.1 Graphics quality (compression artifacts vs. file size)

2.2.2 Image size: default 10 pixels = 1mm; max size 4000 x 4000 pixels (You can adjust the object size via a scale slider)

2.2.3 No visual artefacts

2.2.4 No lighting problems (overbright e.g. yellow and white colors, or too dark e.g. vertical tokens)

2.2.5 Contrast and visible during game play

2.2.6 Colors are chosen correctly (distinct or the same if needed)

2.3 Sizes of objects (similar to the physical game components, steady during game play, scaling if needed)


 3. Setups (info link)

3.1 The number of setups needed

3.2 Number of players (seats and their colors)

3.3 Language dependency

3.4 Edition name (optional)

3.5 Setup access level

3.6 Player statuses (optional)

3.7 Object behaviours are set (optional)

3.8 Initial and player cameras are set

3.9 Components correspond to the seat colors

3.10 The player components are placed in clockwise order in the player seat color sequence from left to right.

3.11 All of the game components are present, no superfluous components, no tilted or overturned objects

3.12 Aesthetics (visual guide link)

3.13 Comfort of play and usability

3.14 Size of each setup is not more than 30-40 MB (less than 30 MB is recommended)

3.15 Setup is published


 4. Play zones (info link)

4.1 Links to Play zones are set

4.2 Setups in Play zones

4.3 Play zone background image aesthetics (the first image in game gallery info link)

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