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18 Jul 2020

Seek Ganesha's Favor In This Gorgeous Game!

Announcing Ganesha

Ganesha is the Indian god of wisdom and prosperity. He has a kind and noble heart and large ears so that he can hear all pleas addressed to him. His patronage can remove obstacles from your path to bring you good luck.

Traveling in India, you decide to visit Ganesha’s temple. In the middle of a long hall decorated with flowers, you discover an altar filled with different precious gems: rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and many more.

An acolyte of Ganesha, dressed in bright clothes, approaches you and says, “This is an ancient game, and Ganesha watches over each and every match played. If you would like to participate, you and your fellow contestants will compete to decorate a magical mandala with precious stones. Whoever does the best job will attain special favor from Ganesha himself. But there are certain rules involved…”


During the game, you’ll collect gems from the Ganesha Altar, place them on your Destiny tile, and then decide whether to place them on the Mandala to score points now or keep them for later and go for an even bigger score.

To win the game and obtain Ganesha’s favor, you’ll need to collect the most victory points.


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