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28 May 2021

Attack your opponent with witches and avoid the Gatekeeper.

Announcing GateKeeper

Gatekeeper is an intense 2-player card game that has you pitched against an opponent in a duel. In four locations you will position witches out of your hand and attempt to take control in small and larger-scale confrontations, with the mysterious Gatekeeper playing a merciless referee using some unique dynamic mechanics.


2 players
40-60 minutes
Rondel, Card Battling, Witchy Madness!


When positioning a witch of a specific element at a location, columns are formed. A new witch will compare her spellpower with that of the opposing witch, with the higher value "dazzling" the weaker party. In dazzled state, witches are vulnerable for the vicious Gatekeeper that is now activated by the Gatekeeper value on the last played witch, moving X-number of locations in a set cycle movement. In the location she lands in, she will check if a dazzled witch is present and eliminate her from the contest.




Next, she will activate a rondel and move a marker to the next position, activating the next Element Gate in line.

By activating the gate she awakens all the witches of this element present at the location, triggering a larger scale confrontation, with the player holding majority inflicting damage equal to the number of withes they have present. The defending player can however fend off part of the attack with opposing witches.




Each witch also cast 1 of 10 unique special spells, each manipulating parts of the duel in devious ways. This additional layer creates tough decisions in an already challenging duel of wits.

Will you control the Astral plane by lowering the mana level of your opponent to "0"?


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